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The Tahoe Benchmark is a series of research projects focused on Diver Propulsion Vehicles (a DPV or scooter) performance. In July of 2008, the first careful test of underwater scooters was performed at Lake Tahoe, California. Using electronic data recorders over the length of a 1/4 mile underwater track, the results are presented here, to help divers with planning and equipment selection.


Looking for the latest Tahoe Benchmark Research paper?

Find it here


Thrust Test Protocol

Need to find the real thrust of your DPV? Thrust testing methodology and research were part of the 2009 series of research projects

Every Little Bit helps! As little as $5 makes a big impact. All donations are kept annonymous from the testing staff.

100% of donations go to direct costs, such as: Testing equipment (data recorders, load cells, etc), Fuel, Shipping for private scooters, web site costs.

Any question about what the funds are used for? Email our Donations Controller with any question you might have.

2011 paper released

Scooters wait for thrust testing at the Carson City Aquatic Center in 2011.